Bridging the Divide between you and your students in a way that shapes character and transforms the classroom experience!



Bridging the Divide between you and your students in a way that shapes character and transforms the classroom experience!

What is The Morrissey Model?

Our model exists to impact and equip teachers so they can influence students and achieve desired outcomes. Successful change begins when individual teachers embrace our approach. Then, school-wide improvement is possible. The Morrissey Model serves as a direct approach impacting teachers and empowering them to market themselves to students in much the same way as top companies do to their customers. Our team assists in fostering healthier student/teacher relationships and more productive learning environments. We provide the framework and training for teachers to engage students in a unique way that will encourage excellence in every area of the academic experience.

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From Professional Development Seminars to Live Webcasts, Chris is an engaging, energetic, and inspiring keynote speaker known for his unique expertise and fresh perspective on the academic experience.


Our team tailors our approach to meet the needs of each client, and works directly with teachers in order to develop mastery in our model. Ongoing training & development is offered both in- and outside the classroom, equipping you with the tools you need to motivate, engage, and inspire your students while building healthier student/teacher relationships.


Our team designs custom logos and awards, social media marketing and community advertisements, creating that “cool factor” that will turn your school and classroom into a desirable brand.

What People Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our students, teachers and parents do the talking!

“The Morrissey Award pushed me to participate more in class, to help others, or even just to do something I normally wouldn't. It brought the class together because one time we got a Morrissey as a class. Just taking those few minutes from class always made us happier to go to first block. Other than being in class it brought us closer to our teacher. We learned where to improve ourselves and he helped us do it. He was always there to listen to us and cheer us on. I've never really met a teacher who cared as much or got involved as much as he does. Thanks to the Morrisseys and Mr.Morris I have been on Channel 3, I went to Mad Bad & Dangerous 2015 and I even went to Europe thanks to the right motivation.”



“It has made a world of difference! The kids responded so well to them. It really made me focus on the positive aspects, changed my attitude, made me focus on the little things about them, and my whole classroom changed. The positivity is very present, the classroom management became very easy…well, not very easy, but much easier! I actually email my…Awards to the parents as well, and they’re loving the response, too!”

R. Carr

Teacher, Ringgold High School

“I successfully implemented the…Awards this week and it was definitely a success! I could tell it meant a lot to the students who received them and I’ve got plenty of other students saying how they want to win an award. Thank you guys so much for the help!”

~S. Tunnel,

Teacher, Brainerd High School

“Since working with Chris, I’ve started to make positive connections with previously uncooperative students by recognizing them for situations in which they have acted with character. This has begun to change my attitude toward students from fear to admiration as I commit to looking for…evidence of positive qualities in their behavior. The students are really appreciative of the public recognition, and have been more inclined to work with me…This is becoming a game-changer for me, and my students!”

P. Schmurr

Teacher, East Ridge H.S.

"Impacting the life of a student far past their school days is what this program sets out to do.  By getting to know the students personally and finding their strengths you can show them that everyone has value for different reasons. Rewarding good behavior leads to more good behavior.  As the mother of the 1st Morrissey recipient I believe that this program has a way of showing the students that someone cares about them and opening up their minds to the unlimited possibilities they can’t see.  Students need to be encouraged and to have their strengths highlighted not their weaknesses pointed out. The Morrissey awards do just that.  I have seen a light in my daughter’s eyes every time she receives one of these rewards. It inevitably makes students work harder to receive more rewards and in turn building them into the amazing person they were meant to be."



“The heart of the program is giving the students the opportunity to be recognized for the good things they do…It’s easy for teachers to do…And it really gets to thinking about HOW can we recognize the great things that our students are doing, and how can we push our students to do more great things? And that’s why the awards system has been great with me.”

~N. Brown

Teacher, Ivy Academy

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