I Dare You!

I remember the first time I decided to try and use a student’s natural competitive spirit as a way to motivate her to improve her behavior in my classroom. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “That’s a no-brainer.” Before you jump to any conclusions, let me paint you a...

Look for the Good!

Have you ever had a student who acted out incessantly and honestly just drove you crazy? You wondered how in the world anyone could be expected to tolerate such outlandish behavior, yet alone educate such a person? Even crazier, you finally get the chance to meet the...

Recognize Process, Not Results!

“Increase the test scores! Meet annual yearly progress! Get the A!” It seems these are the only things we value in education today, and we hear that message loud and clear throughout our schools. How about, “Score the winning touchdown! Lead the team in points scored...

Give Them Air!

Is there anything in life more essential than air? While it’s true that you can only live for so long without food and water, the human body can only survive a mere 3 minutes without air. And much like air is to the human body, so is love to the human spirit. They say...

3 Teaching Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

1.      Sell it, Don’t Force it! Why does teaching often feel like you’re being asked to perform like Bert’s One-Man Band from the opening scene of Mary Poppins? You feel like you’re being pulled in so many directions. You may even find yourself thinking, “Oh...

Shame and its Role in the American Classroom

Shame It’s a powerful factor in the lives of many students today. Curtis Thompson, author of the best seller The Soul of Shame, presents evidence of shame’s connection to the prefrontal cortex of the brain which is largely responsible for judgement, decision making,...

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